Race Report: Run Through Time Marathon 2010 (3/13/2010)

Pre-race stuff The 5th annual Run Through Time marathon was held in Salida on March 13th, 2010. Having run the last few months with almost no injuries and a relatively high mileage, I decided that it would be a great race to get the season going.
We drove down to Salida the Friday before the race since none of wanted to drive the morning of the race with a 9am race start. The drive down was uneventful. We talked about racing, chafing, the general pain that is involved in racing these distances. Ray had tons of stories from Ultra racing these last few years. And there was pretty much no traffic. Yay!
The race organizers put together a $10 pasta dinner which was great. The folks were extremely friendly and food was yummy. We rounded off the evening with a private viewing of “Chariots of Fire” (also put together by the organizers).
Woke up nice-n-early with the theme music for “Chariots of Fire” playing in the back of head. It was going to be a good race. The supportive atmosphere and inspring movie, convinced David to change from the half marathon to the full marathon. He had put the mileage in but as the race went on, I was afraid that this was not a good first marathon for obvious reasons.

Race Day
Packet pickup, warm-up, etc were all timely and before we knew it, we were lined up at the start line. The weather was perfect. Warm and sunny, ah, how we love Colorado.
First 6.xx miles were all uphill. Did it in 56:xx with approx 1800ft of climbing. I was able to ration the effort pretty well. There was a 2 mile section that was paved but the rest was dirt roads. Still dry at this point with a few puddles and wet sections (nothing to whine about). Great start, I would say.
Next 7.xx miles continued uphill. With elevation gain of 1100ft and loss of 990ft it was basically 3 uphill sections and 2 downhill sections. At this point the race started getting sloppy. There were section of hardpack snow, ice and muddy puddle for this whole section. The spikes were holding up really well, so I decided to run on the icy parts of the road in order to avoid the mud and the puddles. Worked really well until I broke through ice into a pretty deep puddle and now my entire foot was soaking wet. Oh well! Suck it up cupcake. Did it in 1:04:xx.
Next 7.xx miles were more of the same since it was an out and back on this part of the course. Managed to keep my feet relatively dry this time around. Did this section a little slower (1:14:xx). Starting to feel it now but not too bad. I was feeling good. Even roped in a couple of guys in front of me. But that was all going to change.
The last 6 miles wouldn’t end. We were now on the snowy section of the course. There were some tire tracks to run in but even those were sloppy because of the warm weather. The spikes were now useless. I fell a couple of times. After one of these falls, my core and hamstrings started to cramp up. Shit! I took a couple of seconds to activate my core and that eased up the cramping in my hamstring. Continued to run but at a very controlled pace. With no more aid stations to go, I had to make it out without taking any risks. The conditions continued to be very  tricky untill around 2 miles to go but at that point we started plunging down into the valley. I think we lost around 1000ft in 2 miles on pretty technical (for me) terrain. I was at this point passed by the girl who eventually finished 2nd and by another guy. But I had to take it easy so I didn’t bother to chase them down.

I finished the race 23rd overall with a final time of 4:18:45. Total elevation gain was 4500ft. Here are the results and the elevation map.
Ray finished 49th with a time of 5:09:03. David finished 100th with time of 6:51:00.

In conclusion, it was a great race. The organizers did a great job. I will definitely be back next year. Here are some great pictures that David took.

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  1. DKB March 22, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    Great writeup! – it was a great race and a lot of fun.

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