Shoe Review: Men’s Brooks Mach 11 Spike

Shoe: Men’s Brooks Mach 11 Spike
Purchase From: Road Runner Sports
Shoe size: US 11
Heel Toe Drop: Negligible
Weight: 7.7 oz
Running Surface: Dirt Trails (Dry, Wet and Icy conditions)
Rating: 5/5

Miles run: 150 miles (approx)
Longest Run: 30 miles
Longest Race: 26.2 miles

Support: This is a racing flat. It provides little to no support. This shoe is not meant for the beginner runner. It’s either for racing or for a minimalist runner who has transitioned over correctly.

Traction: The tread on the sole is very minimal. Since I’ve only run with the spikes in, I’m not sure how it would perform without the spikes. However, the tread is well spaced & it doesn’t pick up a lot of dirt when the conditions get sloppy.

Breathability: The entire upper is pretty much a mesh which makes the shoe extremely breathable. It also means that you feet get wet very quickly. However, the breathability allows them to dry out quickly as well. Just wear the correct socks.

Fit: The shoe fits my foot perfectly. Unlike other XC racing flats, the forefoot is plenty wide and doesn’t hinder forefoot flexibility and movement.

Protection: None at all. No rock plate, no toe bumper. This shoe may not be for someone running on rocky technical terrain.

Durability: I’ve put in a fair number of miles on this shoe and so far nothing’s coming apart. The mesh upper seems pretty hardy but I haven’t been on anything very technical yet. Remains to be tested.

Conclusion: I give this shoe a 5/5 rating. It’s a great minimalist or racing shoe. Way better than any other XC racing flat I’ve used. When it’s icy/snow packed out there, the spikes work great.

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