Colorado Cross Classic 2011

This last weekend I had an opportunity to do something that I usually only get to watch from the sidelines. As many of you already know, it’s currently Cyclocross season in Colorado. And for those who don’t know what the hell cyclocross is; basically it’s a timed bicycle race on a closed course that is mainly dirt and has barricades and obstacles that require the rider to dismount the bike and run.
Anyways, they also had a running race on the same course which I figured would be fun. And it was. The course was circuitous which required a lot of slowing down and then accelerating again. You really could not get into a grove and go into auto-pilot. Parts of the course were super slippery and muddy which added to the challenge and fun.
I ended up finishing 6th overall. There were only 18 runners that participated. Here are some pictures courtesy of Jim.

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