Ketosis Update March 28th

These past week was probably the best as far as keto adaptation goes. I’m finally starting to see morning ketones higher than 0.5 mm/L on a regular basis. The highest reading this week was 0.7 which was the day after a full day fast. The full day fasts are definitely moving the process (of keto adaptation) along very nicely. See below for more in fasting.
The 12 hours of Moab race went very well for me. Ended up winning the 12 hour race. Ran around 60 miles in 11:15. Not a stellar performance but around what I had expected. No pros show up for this one so it was relatively easy for a faster-middle-of-the-pack guy like me to win it.
During the race my energy levels were very stable. I had decided not not eat any carbs during the 12 hour race other than Generation UCan so I didn’t get to enjoy all the carb rich food available to the race. I ate almonds, macadamia nut, walnut, summer sausage or pemmican every hour. And at hours 4, 8 and 10, I drank Generation UCan drink mix.
Worked great.
Intermittent and Full Day Fasting:
I started doing intermittent fast a few months ago after reading an article about the benefits. From an ancestral health perspective, it makes perfect sense to include fasting into the regular rotation. As hunter gatherers, there were probably plenty of times with we had to go without substantial caloric intake for day or more. Eating 3 square meals per day was probably the exception and not the rule like it is today.

Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent fasting is relatively easy. Especially, once you are fat adapted. Even if you exercise during the intermittent fast, there should be no food cravings. I find the concept of a feeding window very attractive as well. Basically, the idea being that you only consume food during a 8 hour feeding window. For example: I’ll stop eating around 7pm and the next meal will be after 12pm the next day. So that is a solid 17 hours of not eating anything.
Initially, this can be a challenge. I remember getting a few hunger pains in the morning but work through them. I also found that running actually helps stave off the hunger. I wouldn’t recommend a hard workout but you should be able to get away with a low to moderate intensity workout.
Before becoming fat adapted, I remember waking up early in the morning with hunger pains just because dinner happened to be a little early. None of that anymore. Not eating for extended periods of time is a breeze. I kinds also find it very liberating in a weird way.

Full Day Fasts:
Once you’ve tried intermittent fasting a few times, it might be time to take it up a notch. As the names suggests, full day fasting involves not eating until the next day dinner. In this case, you’lll have not eaten for almost 24 hours. It’ll be interesting the first time you try this. You might get some headaches and you’ll definitely get some cravings but work through them within reason.

Bail out, Breaking the Fast:
If for whatever reason you need to bail out on a fast, don’t break the fast with cookies or any other high carbohydrate food. This can happen from time-to-time especially when the food cravings are high. I believe, it’s even more important that you stay low carb when you break the fast. Eat a nice salad with some healthy high fat dressing and some bone broth. In fact, I’ve found that if I break my fast with a high carb food, it just opens a floodgate of sugar craving that is very hard to resist.

Eventually, each person reacts differently to such stress. Listen you your body but don’t wimp out either. It’s a fine line. Walk it.

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